The MCL Process

The Journey to Genuine Ingenuity

At MCL we believe process drives success. Our own process for ensuring value is added through every stage of our partnership together. It brings the benefits of ingenuity full circle and keeps you on course for continuous improvement and solid financial results.

From best-in-class performance at the basic supplier level, to cost-reducing process and product enhancements through greater design involvement, to complete supply chain integration and world-class product innovations that advance your business brand.

In other words, sure we can play the role of a straight turn-key supplier if that’s what you need. But there’s a lot more to be gained when you take the next step and let us help you make things even better. Because the more you experience our partnership, the greater the impact we can have on your bottom line and broader marketability.
journey circles

PERFORM — Our world class standards allow us to exceed your expectations.

Role: Flawless OEM Supplier


  • Broad manufacturing capabilities
  • Full-service technical expertise
  • Value Stream Manufacturing System


  • Responsiveness & flexibility
  • World class performance and delivery
  • Consistent reliability & dependability

ENHANCE — We develop exceptional value by collaborating with you.

Role: ROI Cost Manager


  • Advanced electrical & mechanical engineering
  • Cost-reduction solutions
  • Supply Chain Integration


  • Product improvement
  • Increased throughput within your manufacturing area
  • Reduced supply chain risk
  • Complete High Level Assemblies

INNOVATE — We expand your marketability with our custom, fully-integrated solutions.

Role: Building Your Brand


  • Product design & innovation focused on your customer’s needs
  • Custom supply chain solutions
  • Advanced field service


  • Reduced overall risk
  • Faster return on investment
  • Greater competitive edge