Six Sigma Graduates

Posted on October 24, 2016
Six Sigma

Pictured (Back Row – L-R) Josh Hanstedt, Andy Colwitz, Kevin Corcoran, Jake Liebergen, Nick Ardnt, Kari Pfefferkorn, Brock Treankler (Front Row – L-R) Paul Simons, Jennifer Heling, Dena Schinktgen, Alexa Pagel, Janel Falk, Michelle Kelsey. (not pictured – James Wreath)

PULASKI, Wisconsin– MCL Industries is pleased to announce the graduation of 14 cross functional employees with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Continuous Improvement and employee professional growth are key pillars of MCL Industries, and as such, MCL worked with Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) to provide the classroom training and instruction through the completion of the projects.

Lean Six Sigma is the focus of removing waste through streamlining processes by using systematic problem solving tools and methodologies through a cross functional team. Four projects were identified within key areas of MCL, which resulted in process improvements with increased throughput within MCL’s Komax Zeta 633L Wire Processing Center, reduction in raw material inventory, improved quality, and increased responsiveness to MCL’s customers. The projects will deliver an estimated $125,000 yearly savings as well as improve MCL’s service offerings to their customers.

The Lean Six Sigma methodologies and the formal training of cross functional team members at MCL provide a robust foundation for MCL’s Continuous Improvement Journey. Additional employees will be selected to broaden the formal Lean Six Sigma certification as well as additional key roles pursuing higher levels of Six Sigma Certification.

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