Introducing Innovate 44 – a New Member of “The Village”

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We have some exciting news to share! Do you see an opportunity for a new product? Maybe you have an idea, but are struggling to find a way to develop a prototype to test. Do you have questions about whether or not your product will be accepted by customers? Whether you’re a business looking to launch a new product or a new inventor with a fresh idea, MCL hopes to help with those dreams by introducing a new company to The Village, called Innovate 44.

Innovate 44 was created for the sole purpose of helping to answer those burning questions inventors have, and to help make your ideas a reality. The team at Innovate 44 has years of strategic marketing expertise and experience developing market-changing products. Using customer-focused tools, along with product and technology road mapping, they can help inventors create a development plan to specifically meet an under-served need in different markets. This approach helps ensure that new products are being introduced with key market changing features that are valued by customers, and sets a clear path to follow for you to launch your product.

The magic for Innovate 44 is in our extensive library of industry contacts and the wide variety of technologies that we have access to and experience with. Whether your product idea involves plastic, metal, or wood, or electrical wiring and software, we have the technology and know-how to help you develop new solutions—including new technologies that are in the start-up phase and can provide industry-first advantages. Consistently combining the right technology with the identified market driver is what sets Innovate 44 apart from other business and product development firms. 

Ready to get started? Leveraging the front end tools from Innovate 44 – and the manufacturing experience from MCL and the rest of The Village manufacturing companies – we can help you develop a full scale solution from idea, through design, testing and manufacturing to field service.

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