MCL Quality Policy

The Four Cs:

Customer Loyalty through:
Conformance to Requirements
Continual Improvement, and

Customer Loyalty

We go beyond developing satisfied customers and instead focus on developing loyal customers. We want our customers to continue to choose MCL over anyone else because of our commitment to supply chain cost reduction, level of quality, on-time delivery, reliability and service we can provide that no one else can.

Conformance to Requirements

We strive to meet or exceed our regulatory, statutory, customers’ requirements and expectations.

Continual Improvement

We recognize that no matter how excellent our products or services are or how well we are performing our tasks, we can improve upon them. Not only must we continually improve, but we must continually improve at a rate greater than our competition.


Employees, customers, and suppliers working together are vital to cause a rapid rate of continual improvement. Important to us is using all talents of all people to create and maintain leadership in this very competitive business.

The Quality Policy is fundamental at MCL because it:

  1. Compliments the Mission, Vision, and Values
  2. Commits to exceeding the needs and expectations of MCL’s customers
  3. Includes a commitment to continual improvement of MCL Systems, processes, activities, product, and services
  4. Provides a basis for establishing and reviewing objectives
  5. Is communicated, understood and implemented throughout the organization
  6. Can be regularly reviewed for continuing suitability and effectiveness