How MCL Minimized a Customer's Production Delays
By developing a customized process to address last-minute engineering changes requested by a vehicle manufacturer's customers, MCL is able to shorten delivery time of electrical assemblies from four weeks to 72 hours.
Many original equipment manufacturers deal with supplier delays, inventory write-offs and late-stage engineering changes on a regular basis. These challenges are to be expected in industries that work with complex engineering specs and fast-paced, multi-step production processes. However, managing them can cost an OEM a lot of time and money. In this particular case, a major emergency vehicle manufacturer was facing production line shortages due to unexpected changes and needed to avoid downtime and delays in order to deliver to the customer on time.
The emergency vehicle manufacturer asked MCL for collaborative input to help solve a specific issue related to these types of in-line changes: shortages of electrical assemblies.
Working closely with the customer, MCL devised a custom quick-turn process that makes it possible to respond immediately to the product shortages or engineering changes and drastically reduce the time required to deliver the needed electrical assemblies. The comprehensive process guarantees that within just 72 hours of receipt of drawings from the manufacturer, MCL will create and deliver the assemblies needed to continue vehicle production.
The process is initiated and expedited by a dedicated cross functional team who will oversee the creation of the assembly. The team will typically be staffed with senior assembly technicians with the experience and insights to ensure all steps in the process are followed accurately and within the timeframe.
All communication within MCL and with the vehicle manufacturer's engineering and purchasing teams goes through one central point of contact, a feature that accelerates the entire process by reducing the typical touchpoints involved.
Working alongside these technicians, a quick-turn team goes into action the moment the drawings are submitted; their vacated spots within the office or production line are quickly filled to ensure other work within MCL is never delayed. To make these transitions seamless, a resource plan has been put in place to align fluctuating labor needs.
The benefits of this custom assembly process to this customer are significant. Most importantly, the manufacturer is able to ensure its production lines continue to run on schedule, without delay or rescheduling, which ultimately ensures its customers' delivery expectations are met. Rather than waiting an average of four to six weeks for new assemblies, or expedite an order to an already stressed supply chain, within 72 hours they're back running production on the vehicle.
This is highly important as, in most every industry, delays will drive up costs and increase inefficiencies for the manufacturer. Because many manufacturers are judged by their on-time delivery (OTD) rate, delays can quickly erode their ranking with customers and prospects.

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