what we learned from Building Electrical & Mechanical Assemblies for 10,000+ Military Vehicles
Since 1992, we've been a certified government contractor, supplying electrical assemblies for heavy duty U.S. military vehicles.
In that time, we've enhanced our processes to align with the strict regulatory, timeline and budgetary needs of the entities we partner with.
Contractors chosen to work with military organizations must fulfill very strict requirements and demonstrate the very highest level of quality, consistency, reliability and performance. MCL was positioned to become an approved contractor and, as such, had the opportunity to enhance our processes to more closely align with government mandates for its contractors.
MCL's team focused on three key areas within the organization to optimize in order to ensure that every project, whether for the U.S. military or any other customers, comes in on time and within budget: Collaboration, Quality/Validation and Project Management.
MCL formalized methods of collaboration between itself and the military customer, knowing that working together inevitably results in greater productivity and reduced downtime spent understanding a situation and/or correcting errors. The system makes it possible for everyone to "get on the same page" early on in a project, allowing the team to prevent or resolve issues before the power distribution, control systems or other electrical assemblies get into production.
Even when collaboration happens early on in the process, it's important to validate all specs and designs - repeatedly, if necessary. MCL set in motion a series of steps that require the checking and rechecking of specs and designs to ensure that every single part of the assembly is correct and to identify issues early on. Part of this validation includes a pre-approval process, the purpose of which is to match an assembly's drawings to the components in order to ensure optimum accuracy.
Project managers are responsible for making sure projects go through every step of the production process smoothly and accurately. To address the unique needs of U.S. military vehicles, these team members were given management tools needed to swiftly and appropriately respond to the customer's needs and resolve any issues, particularly those considered "last-minute". Those tools are related to communication, documentation and transparency.
MCL fine-tuned its internal processes to deliver on every one of the military's requirements, exceeding many. As a result, our organization is even more able to:
- Deftly change course during the production process, when needed, to manage and resolve issues
- Do so without losing time or compromising the quality of our product (and, in turn, our customer's product) in any way
- Communicate quickly and thoroughly with other team members and with the customer to minimize the risks of making missteps during production
- Deliver on customers' exacting needs on time and within budget

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