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MCL Industries is a full-service engineering and manufacturing partner to customers across the United States, serving industries such as construction, defense, municipal, electronic entertainment and others. We let you develop and sell your products and partner with you in the engineering, prototyping, fabricating, and manufacturing phases. Use MCL Industries as your go-to outsourcing partner for a single component, or rely on us to manufacture the complete product.
Our team of engineers has the expertise to help solve even the most challenging assembly design problems. We take pride in developing practical solutions that help our customers impress theirs.
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We’ve built our business on electrical design and assembly, and the experience of our team is unmatched in our industry. In 2008, we adapted our time-tested electrical design processes to enter into the world of mechanical design work.

Technical drawing review

Every drawing we get from customers is carefully remastered and integrated into our software system, which checks for discrepancies and helps us build a tester. Even if a drawing isn’t quite finished, we’re happy to take a look and help you finalize your design.


We spend a lot of time each week reviewing customer drawings and building different assemblies for diverse industries. Because we’ve seen a lot and learned a lot, we can easily spot opportunities to optimize the design in ways that can save time and/or money during the manufacturing process.

Collaborative Engineering

If you’re facing an exceptionally tricky challenge, we’ll visit your facility and work with you to identify the problem, brainstorm ideas and develop solutions. Or, we can bring your project to our facility to reverse engineer a solution.


We create a seamless contract manufacturing experience with our in-house metal fabrication service.
Laser-Form-Weld-CNC-icons-3 stroke_LASER

Our self-loading Mitsubishi laser gives us precision cutting capabilities for:

  • 1” mild steel
  • 1/2" stainless steel
  • 3/8” aluminum
  • Sheets up to 60” x 120”
  • Dross Reduction Control
  • A second Mitsubishi laser gives us flexibility to run prototypes and less-than production volumes as needed
Laser-Form-Weld-CNC-icons-3 stroke_FORM

With two press brakes and a roller, we can form just about anything.

  • 150-ton press brake with a ten-foot bed and VIDERE operator support
  • 90-ton press brake with an eight-foot bed and VIDERE operator support
  • GMC Power Bending Roll handles materials up to 60” wide and 1/4” thick
  • PEM machine
Laser-Form-Weld-CNC-icons-3 stroke_WELD

Along with our experienced team, our equipment is ready to get to work:

  • Two robotic welders
  • MIG/TIG capabilities
  • Mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Cranes give us the capacity to handle large, heavy duty weld projects
Laser-Form-Weld-CNC-icons-3 stroke_CNC

Our Haas VF3 is machining COTS parts to design and creating custom parts every week.

MCL Industries is ISO 9001:2015 certified and implement Lean Manufacturing principles. We work with diverse companies across many industries, and apply the best and most efficient processes we’ve learned to every build.
Auditability &  Quality System

The documented quality processes we’ve put into place as part of our ISO 9001:2015 certification make it simple for us to pass quality audits and deliver consistency while giving us the flexibility to adapt processes to fit customers’ needs.

Supply chain management

Our experienced purchasing team sources every component from high-quality metal vendors and electrical/mechanical component vendors. Within The Village Companies, MCL Industries has direct access to companies that specialize in metal fabrication, plastics, software development, and more.


Once the parts arrive, it’s go time. Our value stream operation separates builds by prototype, mechanical, electrical, high volume and low volume. This allows our workforce to specialize in certain assemblies, improving the process as we go.


We get it – design changes happen. Your customer could submit late requests or maybe you just need to bring an old drawing back for one build. You can’t afford to let these challenges slow down your production, so we’ve developed a Quick Turn process to get you what you need in 72 hours.

A/B Testing Icon

Every component we build is tested here before it ships, giving customers the peace of mind that the product will be ready to plug and play when it hits their receiving docks. If you require more than our standard testing process, we’ll develop a custom testing solution for your product.


If you discover problems with a product MCL Industries manufactured and it’s impossible to ship the component to us for troubleshooting, we’ll send an experienced service technician to you.

As we get to know you and your business better, we’ll strive to serve you better. Initially, our team will be in a Performance mindset, solving the problems you’ve identified and brought to us. Once we’ve built those solutions a few times, we’ll share Enhancement opportunities with you to improve your ROI. And, if you’ll allow us, we’ll participate in your Innovation process to develop custom, fully-integrated solutions for your products that can increase your competitive advantage.

How can we help you?

As part of MCL’s high level of service, your inquiry will be handled by our Leadership Team and forwarded to the appropriate team member.