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5 Ways Automation Saves Manufacturers Time and Money

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The manufacturing world runs on processes that help keep production flowing as smoothly as possible. While not every process can be automated (yet), many tasks within the process can be automated. Here are five ways automation can save manufacturers time and money.


An automated machine or robot can work at a constant speed around the clock; and some are even capable of working while unattended. This means a manufacturer can produce higher quantities daily, increasing overall throughput.


Automation reduces, or even eliminates, variation within a process. This gives the manufacturer greater control and increases consistency, resulting in better product quality.


If skilled labor is difficult to find, robots can take over some tasks or processes that tie up valuable labor. That means manufacturers can redeploy the skilled workers they already have on their teams to more important tasks that can’t be automated or need a human touch.


Robots and automated machines can repeat the same task over and over again without getting fatigued or injured. By implementing automation in repetitive tasks, manufacturers can reduce the number of musculoskeletal injuries reported by workers and keep their staff healthy and happy.


Automating any dangerous work areas will keep employees out of harm’s way. Not only will this directly prevent injuries, it can also help employees focus on more challenging tasks instead of safety concerns.


While automation technology varies greatly from industry to industry, the fact is it’s out there and ready to be implemented. The time and money savings described above can help organizations see a quick return on their automation investment. However, it’s important to do the research beforehand to fully understand your needs as an organization and make sure the capabilities any automation technology you plan to implement would meet or exceed those needs.

At MCL, we’ve automated the wire cutting and crimping process to speed it up and ensure top quality products. Watch the video below to learn how our Komax Zeta 633 L machine works.



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