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Video: Keep Production Moving with Quick Turn

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When engineering changes hit late or your inventory department notifies you of a discrepancy, how do you keep your production line on schedule? Typically, production has to stop until the changes are finalized or until you can get a part expedited. But that answer wasn't good enough for one MCL customer, so we built the Quick Turn process to help minimize production delays.

This customer in particular faces production downtime and delays fairly regularly because of last-minute order changes from their customers. After they reached out to see if we could help, we worked together to develop the Quick Turn process to get the customer what they need as fast as we can build it through simplified on-boarding and quality procedures.




What is MCL’s Quick Turn process?

The Quick Turn process helps MCL bypass the typical 6-8 week industry lead time to accommodate urgent orders from customers that don’t require custom parts. The process is built upon an experienced team of production technicians who work exclusively on Quick Turn orders; by “reserving” the team’s time and talents, MCL can promise a quick, high-quality build.

How fast can I get an order through Quick Turn?

MCL aims for a 72-hour turnaround on Quick Turn orders, from the time we receive the drawing to shipping. The actual turnaround time will depend on the size and complexity of the assembly; how quickly MCL can get parts in (if they aren’t already in house); and how quickly your team answers any questions the Quick Turn team may have about the drawing.

If the Quick Turn team truly doesn’t believe it can turn a drawing within 72 hours, we’ll reach out with a more realistic timeline so the customer can decide if the services would still benefit the project.

Is there a way to guarantee my order gets through Quick Turn within 72 hours?

Customers can sign up for Quick Turn Premium, reserving a specific number of Quick Turn hours per month by paying for the hours ahead of time. Proactively contracting those hours gives the customer guaranteed priority, flexibility to send any qualified work through the Quick Turn process, and the option to negotiate labor pricing. It also allows MCL to plan for labor accordingly.

Interested in learning more about Quick Turn Premium? Contact us today!

How much does a Quick Turn order cost?

MCL invoices Quick Turn orders based on time ($100/hour) and cost of materials. Any expedite fees incurred to procure parts will be added to the final cost. Due to the quick nature of this process, MCL will not provide a quote for the work before it’s completed.

What kinds of products can I order through Quick Turn?

Quick Turn works really well for small- to mid-sized wire harnesses and simple electrical control systems that don’t require custom components. Customers can use Quick Turn to turn out a prototype, accommodate last minute production changes, respond to surprise inventory discrepancies, and more. MCL has a wide variety of wires, connectors, terminals, and other COTS components readily available and our Quick Turn team has extensive experience building electrical assemblies, so the product does not have to be something MCL has built before.

Does the Quick Turn process include a PPAP or other quality assurance?

The first time the Quick Turn team builds a drawing, it goes through several quality checks:

  • Part submission warrant (PSW)
  • Dimensional results
  • Design record/drawing
  • Print notes
  • Point-to-point electrical testing
  • BOM/cut list checked for accuracy (no physical documentation included)

These quality checks may fulfill PPAP requirements for some customers. If a customer requires further quality checks – including documentation – the extra time will be invoiced at the Quick Turn labor rate.

What information does MCL need to get my product through the Quick Turn process?

In order to begin the Quick Turn process, this is what MCL needs:

  • Assembly drawings that include manufacturer part numbers
  • The name and contact information for a representative from your company who can answer any technical questions our team may have
  • Your organization’s assembly specifications
  • A real timeline for when you need the assembly completed

If you think MCL’s Quick Turn process could help your organization avoid costly production delays and retain satisfied customers, reach out today to get started. You can also read more about how Quick Turn got its start in 2017 in How MCL Minimized A Customer's Production Delays. Click the button below to ready the case study now.

How MCL Minimized a Customer's Production Delays


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