The Year in Review: Top 4 Electrical and Mechanical Assembly Blog Posts of 2018

Top 2018 Posts

2018 brought many challenges and opportunities for the manufacturing industry. Through it all, MCL Industries has continued to share valuable and informative insights to help its partners maintain a competitive advantage and improve outcomes. We’d like to thank our blog subscribers for their continued engagement and feedback, and look forward to bringing you much more in 2019.

Until then, we thought we’d share our most popular blog posts from 2018:

5 Reasons to Work with a Contract Assembly Partner

Some manufacturers have the capability to produce their own electrical and/or mechanical assemblies, but don’t have the capacity due to the skilled labor shortage. That’s just one of several practical and cost-saving reasons many organizations choose to outsource their assemblies to a contract assembly partner. Read more


Rocker vs. Toggle Maintained Switches for Your Operator Interface


Choosing between a rocker switch and a toggle switch may seem like a simple decision, but there are pros and cons to each that must be considered when designing your operator interface. Which is more durable and which may require more maintenance? Understand all the factors before making a determination. Read more


3 Ways Your Company Culture Can Help Conquer Recruitment Challenges


If you’re like many in the manufacturing industry, you’re likely experiencing the pains of a tight labor market. At MCL, we’ve been fortunate to retain quality workers and attract skilled labor by leveraging our strong culture. Learn from our experiences and glean ideas on how to improve your recruiting efforts. Read more


How to Choose the Right Plating for Contacts on Your Electrical Assembly


The most intricately designed electrical assembly can be rendered useless if it doesn’t have the proper electrical contacts. There are multiple contact plating options to choose from, and we break down the top three most popular ones to help you determine which is best for your application. Read more

Explore these topics and others in more depth when you visit the MCL Resources page. There, tip sheets, guides, infographics, checklists, cost calculators and answers to your most pressing questions can be found and shared with others. And be sure to continue following The Conduit blog for more helpful insights in 2019 and beyond.



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