Guide to Improving Your Supply Chain Performance
Do you sometimes wish you could fill out a report card for some suppliers? Some would likely rise to the top of the class while others get a failing grade.
Without clearly defined and documented expectations, however, holding suppliers accountable for poor performance (or rewarding those that excel) can be challenging.
Use our free How to Develop an Effective Supplier Scorecard eBook as a step-by-step guide. It will help you prioritize and score various categories, including:
Pricing — More than just cost per unit

Lead times and delivery — And considerations for delays

Quality — From initial design to your door

Product Development — Ability to optimize designs

Communication — The key to a healthy partnership

And much more!
This guide also includes a sample scorecard template, steps to take once the scoring is complete, as well as pitfalls to avoid along the way.
Simply fill out the form to gain immediate access to your copy today.

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