The Pros & Cons of Outsourcing vs. Building In-house
Determining the Best Choice for Electrical & Mechanical Assemblies
Should you outsource? First, you’ll need to answer these questions...
Will your engineer’s specs for an assembly meet current strict regulations?

Are you lacking floor space?

Is your inventory management overwhelmed with too many part numbers?

Have you invested in the latest industry technology?
These are just some of the factors that go into determining if outsourcing your electrical and mechanical assemblies will benefit your organization. We’ve developed our quick-glance Outsourcing vs. Building In-house infographic that dives into these and many other considerations, benefits and best practices to help you assess your operation’s readiness for outsourcing, or whether using a supplier may not be right for you.
Plus, you can take our simple yes-or-no quiz with the top 7 questions you need to answer. Simply fill out the form to get your copy today. Then, reach out to us with any questions and to further explore your needs.

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