Mission Vision Values of MCL

A Legacy of Best Practices

We know the importance of a guiding compass. That’s why our business promise is more than simply words on paper—it’s literally the writing on our walls. It serves as a daily reminder of both what we stand for and the standards we expect others to hold our company to. We also believe it’s the key to creating a culture of genuine ingenuity and leaving a legacy of good will in our wake. But don’t just take our word for it…


MCL is the most responsive and innovative partner to heavy duty Original Equipment Manufacturers who require world-class design and manufacturing of electrical control systems and mechanical assemblies.


MCL will always deliver an outstanding experience for our customers, employees, and suppliers. This unwavering commitment, along with our Christian-based values ensures that our families, communities, owners, and charitable causes will continue to benefit from our success.


The ideals that guide our success.

Fun: We believe fun is the catalyst for creativity and it nurtures the human spirit.

Innovation: We believe innovation happens every day.

Leadership: We believe leadership is shown through positive example.

Trust: We believe trust is the key to successful relationships.

Excellence: We believe excellence is the baseline standard.

Respect: We believe respect enriches both people and perspectives.