MCL Celebrates 40 Years with an Expanded Mission and a New Look

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MCL Industries began serving customers in 1979, distributing power transmission products, building electrical control systems and providing engineering and design assistance as needed. Over the past 39 years, we’ve outgrown our humble beginnings in the Treankler family basement and expanded our vision as a contract engineering and manufacturing partner. That’s why MCL is celebrating its 40th year with a new look and an updated mission statement.

Our new branding includes a refreshed logo, tagline and website; and our updated mission statement ensures MCL will remain a world-class partner to customers and suppliers while expanding our reach to new industries.

An Expanded Mission

Previously, MCL’s mission statement highlighted our partnerships with heavy duty original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). While those partnerships still remain strong, we needed to emphasize our ability to serve any partner that has designed a product, but has no means to manufacture it. MCL’s new mission statement addresses these expanded markets and includes anyone in need of manufacturing capabilities:

The MCL Family takes pride in providing world-class engineering & manufacturing solutions for our customers across diverse industries.

The bold lettering highlights “engineering & manufacturing solutions” because we feel that’s the best way to summarize the vast capabilities we offer our partners. For example, MCL is:

  • Engineering and building a testing device for a customer to increase their production efficiencies
  • Improving manufacturability of customer designs to reduce costs
  • Managing a broad supply chain network to ensure greater access to high quality components
  • Manufacturing ticket redemption games for a sister company that didn’t have enough space to keep up with increased customer orders for its product

MCL has a proven track record of providing solutions for most any engineering or manufacturing need across multiple industries, and we’re eager to continue growing and providing solutions for years to come.

New Branding Honors the Past, Embraces Future

With the new logo, tagline and website, MCL wanted to simplify the message while honoring our storied history. The new logo is a hybrid of the previous design, combining the classic sine wave with the company name.

MCL Logo-1

MCL’s brand colors remain the same blue and green the company has used since 2013. The blue symbolizes MCL’s loyalty and stability, while the green symbolizes growth and innovation. In order to emphasize our manufacturing capabilities, “We Manufacture Solutions” replaces “Engineered Solutions” as the tagline, bringing manufacturing to the forefront and keeping “solutions” as a nod to MCL’s engineering capabilities.

Take a Virtual Tour

Since you’re already here, we encourage you to take a few minutes to explore the new website, which has been optimized to make it easier for visitors to find the industries that MCL specializes in and the solutions we provide to our partners. Be sure to check out the assortment of valuable resources available for download where you can learn more about the work MCL does, as well as our community page which shares the driving force behind why our dedicated teams do what they do.

MCL is excited to continue working with our valued customers and we look forward to building more partnerships and exploring new industries in the years to come!


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